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Tuesday, 05 05 2015


Mireille Mathieu - 50 years on stage

Friday, 17 10 2014

2015 will be the year of the fabulous stage comeback of this extraordinary world artist. check eventim.de for dates - we are looking forward to welcome you back in germany Mireille Mathieu.

Gregorian enters top 10 with new album christmas chants

Thursday, 16 10 2014

Gregorian enters Top 10 of the german album charts

Money Mendoza new single and album out

Wednesday, 17 09 2014

2Pac Shakur coming back alive!!!
Check out Tribute song Young Crhyme featuring 2Pacs brother Mopreme Shakur to pay homage to the legendary westcoast rap star

Bang Bang Jessy J und Ariana Grande Remix

Wednesday, 03 09 2014

Please check out the Jonny Joka.Wunderkind Remix of the Smash Hit Bang Bang by Jessy J and Ariana Grande

Young Crhyme aka Money Mendoza - new album coming in 2014

Monday, 02 06 2014

See the first release of Money Mendoza`s upcoming album at the end of 2014

Sun we are ready - Tanga Elektra

Friday, 25 04 2014

here we go with the first release of TANGA ELEKTRA - the new promising MOKOH signing with their single debut sun we are ready from the forthcoming album release end of summer 2014

check it out. 25th of April in your favorite download store



Echo Nomination - Here comes Gregorian

Saturday, 15 03 2014

And Gregorian is nominated for the Echo 2013. Once again for the third time in a row! Congratulations :-)

Merry Christmas

Monday, 23 12 2013

Peace to the world and a Merry Christmas 2013 to all of you.

Thank you everyone for keeping in touch and helping us to create such talented artist and great music!!!!

Mireille Mathieu - new album 2013

Monday, 30 09 2013

new album release of Mireille Mathieu entitled
Wenn mein Lied Deine Seele küsst on the 11th of october 2013

she will also be star guest at the famous Florian Silbereisen TV Show

20:15 CET
at: Messehalle Erfurt

chartentry top 14

Tuesday, 24 09 2013

Nach einem arbeitsamen Sommer steigt das neue Gregorian Album Masters of Chant Chapter 09 auf Platz 14 in die deutschen Albumcharts ein. Gratulation dem ganzen Team!

Der Trailer zum Album:

Anthony Thet - First Release Gentlemental

Wednesday, 15 05 2013

Anthony Thet releases his first single Gentlemental. Enjoy:

Joachim Deutschland - Der neue Deutschland! out now!

Thursday, 11 04 2013

the new album Der neue Deutschland by Joachim Deutschland. German punkrock at its best. Out now for download and in stores. Produced by MOKOH Music. Recorded at Wunderkind-Entertainment.

And the ECHO 2013 goes to....

Friday, 08 03 2013

We are very proud to announce that our Gregorian Team is nominated for the ECHO 2013 category Crossover/National for the second time. Yeah!!! Let`s keep our fingers crossed :-)

Der neue Deutschland

Thursday, 07 03 2013

The new album Der neue Deutschland by Joachim Deutschland will be released on the 12.th of April 2013
The record was recorded and produced at Wunderkind-Entertainment by René Laack and shows Joachim back in shape and a stunning pack of songs about his up and downs within the last 8 years. Executive producers Stephan Moritz and Jan-Eric Kohrs will release the record on their own label MOKOH Music distributed by Rough Trade.

Gregorian tours europe in 2013

Tuesday, 15 01 2013

The new year 2013 starts with a great concert highlight. the gregorian monks and masters of chant will be on a great world tour all through the year! Please find a list on the german dates right here and go to www.gregorian.de for more information!

Gregorian - The Epic Chants Tour 2013
Musik- und Kongresshalle Lübeck
Mo, 11.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 30,00

o2 World Hamburg
Mi, 13.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 44,90

Do, 14.02.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Stadthalle Chemnitz, Großer Saal
Fr, 15.02.13
20:30 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 49,90

o2 World Berlin
Sa, 16.02.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 42,90
Georg-Friedrich-Händel HALLE
So, 17.02.13
16:30 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 40,75

Georg-Friedrich-Händel HALLE
So, 17.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 40,75

Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
Di, 19.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 41,90

Kongress Palais – Stadthalle
Mi, 20.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 40,35

Stadthalle Bielefeld
Do, 21.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 41,90
Fr, 22.02.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Sa, 23.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 49,90
Messehalle Erfurt
So, 24.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 41,90

Congress Centrum Würzburg
Di, 26.02.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 41,90

Liederhalle Hegelsaal
Mi, 27.02.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg
Do, 28.02.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Arena Leipzig
Fr, 01.03.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 47,50

Stadthalle Magdeburg
Sa, 02.03.13
20:30 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Stadthalle Cottbus
So, 03.03.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 40,90

Wiener Stadthalle / Halle F
Sa, 06.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 43,20

CONGRESS - Saal Tirol
So, 07.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 43,50

Philharmonie im Gasteig
Di, 09.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 48,00

Festspiel- und Kongresshaus
Mi, 10.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 43,50

Do, 11.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 51,63
Gregorian - The Epic Chants Tour 2013
Fr, 12.04.13
20:00 Uhr
Tickets ab € 59,93
Musical Theater
Sa, 13.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 52,44
Rosengarten Mozartsaal
So, 14.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken
Mo, 15.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 54,90

Stadthalle Braunschweig
Mi, 17.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Westfalenhalle 3A
Do, 18.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 41,90

Rittal Arena Wetzlar
Fr, 19.04.13
20:00 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 42,90

Musical Theater Bremen
Sa, 20.04.13
16:30 Uhr 
Tickets ab € 49,70

Musical Theater Bremen
Sa, 20.04.13
20:30 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 49,70

Messe+Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland
So, 21.04.13
20:00 Uhr
 Tickets ab € 41,90

Happy New Year 2013

Monday, 07 01 2013

Happy holidays and a great start into a wild, healthy and amazing 2013! We are looking forward many great projects in this year.

those who were dancing were considered to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music

Rock on!

Erkan Aki Christmas Album

Thursday, 20 12 2012

The year 2012 will find a very Erkan Aki end with his new seasonal album true love which has been released at the end of november. You can see him live on german television:

02.12. bei der HR Weihnachtsshow,
06.12. Carmen Nebel,
07.12. Weihnachts Wunder Show BR
08.12. Die große Show der Weihnachtslieder MDR
15.12. Menschen der Woche mit Frank Elstner SWR
16.12. Andrea Kiewel, ZDF
20.12. der HR Weihnachtsshow
11.01. Freitag auf D`Nacht BR

there will also be a live performance at the well-known Vierschanzentournee and a couple of winter concerts in selected cities.
Wunderkind Entertainment and MOKOH wish you all a very Erkan Aki like Happy Holidays!!!

Startenor Erkan Aki releases his new album True Love

Tuesday, 04 12 2012

True Love - Erkans first MOKOH records release will be in store on the 23rd od November 2012.
His latest release will be an enchanting christmas classics collection with a very delicate mixture of recent pop tunes in classical arrangements. Marvellous singing performance and the high quality of Wunderkind Entertainment Sound makes this record a must have for every friend of classic-crossover.

Epic Chants Top 10 Entry

Sunday, 07 10 2012

New Gregorian Epic Chants CD enters german top10 and stays on 9 since 2 weeks running. thank you to all our fans for their support.

Gregorian Epic Chants

Friday, 14 09 2012

new album Gregorian - Epic Chants out on 14th of september

Busy Times at WKE - but great talent is coming ahead!!!

Wednesday, 20 06 2012

Sorry for being calm within the last month but we are heavily working on several albumprojects at the moment.
All WKE Studios and affiliates are extremly busy and we will hit you with lots of great music and great talent by the end of this summer.

Please keep watching us for our new releases.

At least we can tell so much that production on a great new Gregorian Chant is finished by June and artists working in the studio at the moment are Joachim Deutschland on his long awaited comeback album and the great talented Mr Anthony Thet who is working on his debut CD.

We are also very pleased that a great talented young Tenor found his way to Wunderkind after long years of collaboration.

Please find out more about acts and news on our exclusive berlin based label and distributionpartnersite MOKOH Music!


Anthony Thet teaches at Popakademie and hosts iMusic1 Chart TV Show

Friday, 15 06 2012

Anthony Thet is teaching at Popakademie Berlin and will be hosting a chartshow on iMusic1 TV.
His new single Gentlemental will be released 2013 and he is recording his debut album at the moment in Hamburg

Gregorian nominated for Echo 2012

Sunday, 20 05 2012

Gregorian is nominated for german echo awards 2012 - Frank Peterson, Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann are very proud about the nomination of the project which will release the 14th (!) studio album at the end of this year.

Lova Greene and Danone Actimel are Full of Life

Tuesday, 10 04 2012

Lova Greene sings the new song Full of Life which has been used in Actimel commercial on german TV.
Please find this amazing great little tune for download on iTunes and Amazon and feel free to support this great young artist produced by Wunderkind-Entertainment for MOKOH Music.

Kim Gloss featuring Rocco Stark - Is it Love?

Friday, 02 03 2012

Is it Love? - Kim Gloss feat. Rocco Stark

Kim Gloss gets own cosmetic series KG Brand with KIK

Sunday, 12 02 2012

MOKOH Music artist Kim Gloss releases her own cosmetics brand KG with the textile discount KIK. see german for more information.

The Princess of the Jungle

Wednesday, 01 02 2012

Kim gets second place on famous german TV Show Junglecamp. Congratulations!!!!

New Après Ski Sensation Paul Beule signs with MOKOH

Friday, 20 01 2012

Party and Après Ski Sensation Paul Beule rocks the clubs with Bunga Bunga Italiano

Check it out:

Kim Gloss - Ray Bom A Bom A

Thursday, 12 01 2012

Kim Gloss - New Single 2012 from forthcoming album 2012

check it out:

Happy New Year 2012

Sunday, 01 01 2012

Happy New Year to all partners and artist and thank you for a wonderful time in 2011

Gregorian World Tour continues

Wednesday, 19 10 2011

Gregorian World Tour continues in China and comes down from Sveden all over Europe.
Once again Jan-Eric Kohrs will lead the band and choir through the Dark Side of the Chant and an impressive showproduction with burning drummer Harry and the one and only raven Gunther.
Please see www.gregorian.de for more details on dates and information on tickets.

Don`t miss the christmas dates in churches coming late november until the 23rd of december all over germany.

Album enters the charts on 11 in germany and still stays since 2 month within the Top20! Thank you to all our fans :-)

Monster Songwriting

Wednesday, 28 09 2011

Stephan Moritz und Jan-Eric Kohrs composed the new radiojingle monster.de - the job and career internet platform. The
lyrics were written by Oliver Dietrich.
The song was recorded in Galaxy Studios Belgium with the Kolacny Brothers and performed by the famous Scala Choir.

Kim Gloss goes to Poland

Wednesday, 21 09 2011

Kim Gloss will release Rockstar with MyMusic Group and ESKA Radio in Poland.

click here to vote for Kim and get more information about her Poland activities

Masters of Chant 8

Monday, 29 08 2011

new album Masters of Chant 8 will be out on the 30th of September plus touring in china and selected places in europe.
more information coming soon

Chryme City Threepead

Wednesday, 20 07 2011

Kim Gloss and PUMA sing for Woman`s World Cup Germany 2011

Saturday, 11 06 2011

Kim Gloss and PUMA created the song we play together for the woman world cup 2011 in germany. The campaign is created by PUMA and Kim Gloss to support the german soccer team and to promote the benefits of woman sports. see german for more details.

Kim Gloss Album Release

Monday, 02 05 2011

The new Kim Gloss single Rockstar will be released on the 6th of may and the album of the same name will be in stores everywhere one week later. In the television broadcast series DSDS (German Pop Idol) Kim Gloss was called Kim Debkowski and was selected best female contestant of 30.000 applicants.

In January 2011 the singer released her first single Famous in Paris which became a hudge success among her fans and supporters. With her debut album Kim Gloss would like to take her fans on a musical journey around the world.
Rockstar is affected by Spanish, Indian and Arab elements. Hip Hop and R& B mix with Dancefloor Music into new music styles. Kim Gloss songrange reaches from tender Ballads to urban melodic dance tracks.
The songs are very modern and have recent youthful topics, filled with love, young girl fantasies and the joy of life.
Kim sings in english and must not be afraid of any comparison with other internationally successful artists.
Her songs reflect thereby its completely own style.

Rockstar is produced by the international successful producerteam Jan-Eric Kohrs and Stephan Moritz. The Songs present a young, world-open female singer, who shows the full range of her special and talented voice. Watch out for some more surprizes within Kim Gloss further career in becoming THE german teenstar and a fashion icon of her own...

Take a look and listen yourself to the great variety of music and styles of this unique debut of this young talented female vocalist:

Hertha BSC Soccer Song Berlin, Germany

Friday, 29 04 2011

Footballsong to congratulate the Hertha BSC team in Berlin for winning the championship 2011 and the rise to become member of germanys first league again.

Click here to buy this fabulous soccer anthem for Berlin`s best soccer team

Youtube Channel Award

Thursday, 10 03 2011

the new MOKOH music TV channel on youtube was awarded No 37 most viewed channel in germany during the first week of its new existence. Within the first 3 weeks MOKOH Music TV gained more than 50.000 clicks on MOKOH videos from artists such as Kim Gloss, Money Mendoza and Oliver Pocher. Thank you for your support and stay connected with our channel for newest videos and information on our artists.


commercial collaboration

Thursday, 24 02 2011

Radio Jingle Fanta Mango is awared number 1 of the most efficient radio jingles in 2011. Stephan Moritz & Jan-Eric Kohrs produced this jingle for Studio Funk in Berlin.

For more information about TV and Radiocommercial references please click this link or see the rider commercials at the homepage rider


big honours for Mireille Mathieu

Wednesday, 26 01 2011

Mireille Mathieu was honoured by president Nicolas Sarkozy in France becoming entitled officer of the french legion and also honours from president Dmitry Medvedev. Being the producer of her last 2 german releases with Abilene/Sony Music
Jan-Eric Kohrs congratulates Mireille Mathieu for these great honours that she has achieved.

Gregorian Tour 2011

Tuesday, 25 01 2011

Here we go again. The most successful gregorian chants choir of our time is back on tour. Tourdates (matter of change):

01.02.11 D Stade Stadeum
02.02.11 D Hamburg CCH1
03.02.11 D Rostock Stadthalle
04.02.11 D Cottbus Stadthalle
05.02.11 D Kassel Kongress Palais
06.02.11 D Bremen Musical Theater
08.02.11 D Nürnberg Meistersingerhalle
09.02.11 D Mannheim Rosengarten
10.02.11 D Oberhausen König Pilsner Arena
11.02.11 D Wuppertal Historische Stadthalle
12.02.11 D Bochum Jahrhunderthalle
13.02.11 D München Philharmonie
15.02.11 D Frankfurt Alte Oper
16.02.11 D Erfurt Messehalle 1
17.02.11 D Berlin Tempodrom
18.02.11 D Halle Händel - Halle
19.02.11 D Dresden Kulturpalast
20.02.11 D Leipzig Gewandhaus
22.02.11 D Chemnitz Stadthalle
23.02.11 Cz Prag Tesla Arena
24.02.11 A Wien Halle F
25.02.11 A Bregenz Festspielhaus
26.02.11 CH Zürich Theater 11
27.02.11 CH Bern
06.03.11 Slo Ljubljana
07.03.11 HR Zagreb
08.03.11 HR Zagreb
09.03.11 BIH Sarajevo
10.03.11 SRB Belgrad
11.03.11 H Budapest
12.03.11 Cz Ostrava
14.03.11 PL Lodz
15.03.11 PL Danzig Filharmonia Baltycka
16.03.11 PL Warschau Kongresshall
17.03.11 LT Vilnius
18.03.11 LV Riga Arena Riga
19.03.11 EST Tallinn Nokia Concert Hall
21.03.11 RUS Moscow Kremlin
22.03.11 RUS Moscow Kremlin
24.03.11 RUS St. Petersburg
25.03.11 S Stockholm
26.03.11 S Göteborg
27.03.11 N Malmö
28.03.11 DK Kopenhagen


Kim Gloss - Famous in Paris

Friday, 14 01 2011

On the 14th of january we will release Kim Gloss first single Famous in Paris. The 2Track single will be released by MOKOH Music distributed by Sony Music and will also feature an english cover version of the 80`s megahit Rock me Amadeus by Falco.

We keep our fingers crossed for a big success of this truly talented young german singer and look forward her forthcoming debut Rockstar in march 2011.

Kim Gloss Live

Saturday, 08 01 2011

Kim Debkowski aka Kim Gloss played for the polish charity event WOSP 2011 in the sold out Docks in Hamburg Germany. Her first show ever was a great success and a preparation for the hudge Media Markt / Saturn promotion tour in january and february.

Please find all the dates at the brandnew webspace:


Happy New Year

Saturday, 01 01 2011

we wish all friend, artists and partners a healthy and happy new year 2011.
THANK YOU for your support of amazing wunderkind projects and tours in 2010. We loved to have worked with so many talented and interesting artists in 2010. We also hope and keep trying to bring great talent and wonderful music into the world of 2011. Happy New Year!

Gold Award for Gregorian

Tuesday, 14 12 2010

after the successful re-entry in the german charts this year it happened again.
Thank you edel music and Frank Peterson Nemo Studio for another gold award selling more than 100.000 units of Gregorian Christmas Chants for Jan-Eric Kohrs. Wunderkind Entertainment would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans supporting Gregorian throughout the last decade!

MOKOH Music GmbH changes from Universal to Sony Music

Friday, 10 12 2010

Stephan Moritz and Jan-Eric Kohrs founded the MOKOH Music GmbH label in 2010 and started of with the hudge top 20 success Oliver Pocher - 2010- Wir gehen nur zurück um Anlauf zu nehm'! Now they change their distribution deal from Universal Music to Neo/Sony Music and will release their new signings Kim Gloss aka Kim Debkowski from pop idol germany 2010 and the funpunk band Say Okay in the beginning of next year.

for more news and interesting features also visit


Christmas Chants enters German Charts again

Wednesday, 01 12 2010

The Christmas Chants record entered the charts again after its release in 2006 years ago and aims for gold status. This is the first time in Gregorian history to have 2 records placed in the german Top100 at the same time. Congratulations!

Young CRhyme supports Busta Rhymes

Saturday, 20 11 2010

Money Mendoza aka Young Crhyme will be supporting Busta Rhymes at his Hamburg Show on the 15th. of December. This will also be the release party for his new mixtape CRhyme City Threepead feiern

Gregorian enters german Top10 with new album

Friday, 12 11 2010

Gregorian, the most successful Gregorian chant choirs of all time has gone directly to number 7 in the german media control album charts with the new album “The Dark Side of the Chant”

Producer Frank Peterson and his team, Carsten Heusmann, Jan-Eric Kohrs and Gunther Laudahn have now made it to the Top 20 chart for the 4th time in the groups 10 year history. In 2001 “Masters of Chant Chapter II” ranked number 6, in 2002 “Masters of Chant Chapter III” ranked number 12 and two years later, with “The Dark Side”, they achieved a number 16 placement.

The epic first single “O Fortuna” produced by wunderkind entertainment also entered the Media Control Top100 immediately.

Gregorian - The Dark Side of the Chant

Friday, 05 11 2010

For over one decade Gregorian build the musical bridge between the singing from the Middle Ages and the Pop and Rock music of the present. The creative Mastermind Frank Peterson and his team Jan-Eric Kohrs, Carsten Heusmann and Gunther Laudahn created an extremely successful synthesis of the arts, but also a new form of the neo gregorianik and thus a new Gregorian category of music. The own, unmistakable sound of Gregorian has fans in the whole world. Those so far published CDs in the first ten years sold world-wide over 5 million times. More than 1 million visitors saw Gregorian concerts so far.
On the new CD ' The Dark Side OF The Chant' Gregorian carries the listener on a musical journey and presents the large rock-anthems of music history, in addition, rock hits of the presence as well. Never before performed songs such as ' Hells Bells' (AC/DC), ' Frozen' (Madonna), ' Bring me to to Life' (Evanescence), ' Lucifer' (The Alan Parsons Project) or ' Stripped' (Depeche Mode) taken up in such a magnificent sound. With 'Born to feel Alive' Gregorian presents the first english version of the hit 'Geboren um zu Leben' of the german group Unheilig.
A further highlight is the new arrangement of the Jan-Eric Kohrs produced O Fortuna. This new version will surely not only inspire the lovers of Carl Orff and in particular the fans of ' Carmina Burana' - it is a completely new arrangement of this excerpt with completely new rythm to it, which led the singers of Gregorians to the borders of their voices.

There will be an extended tour of the new CD 'The Dark Side of the Chant' in 2011. It is promised to be the largest and most complex and magnificent show since the existence of the project. We all are looking forward to that.

Sarah Brightman Asia Tour

Tuesday, 05 10 2010

After a successful launch of the Sarah Brightman october 2010 tour in Toronto, Canada there will be upcoming dates in Japan, Macau and South Korea. Sarah will be touring with a hudge classical orchestra conducted by Paul Bateman. Guest star on this tour will be the tenor Mr Erkan Aki and musical director will be Jan-Eric Kohrs.

Check out the following dates:

12-OCT, Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum

14-OCT, Nagoya: Nihon Gaishi Hall

15-OCT, Kanazawa: Ishikawa Sogo Sports Center

17-OCT, Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum

18-OCT, Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum

20-OCT, Osaka: Castle Hall

21-OCT, Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum

21-OCT, Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum

24-OCT, Macau: Cotai Arena

26-OCT, Seoul: Chamsil Gymnasium

For more information check out the artist page or the following link:

Sarah Brightman Official Homepage

charity project for kids for RTL

Wednesday, 01 09 2010

Dany Blair (2 secrets) – Popstar from south-america recorded his song shining lights of tomorrow for kids charity in Hamburg with ABGlanz and Wunderkind Entertainment for RTL Television


Gregorian Tour 2010

Sunday, 15 08 2010

31.07.2010 - 06.08.2010 Kroatien Tour

13.08.2010 - 15.08.2010 Polen Tour

27.08.2010- 28.08.2010 Finsterwalde und Berlin

Musical Director: Jan-Eric Kohrs




© photos - by friendly permission Markus Sorger

Pocher enters Top20 Trends

Monday, 14 06 2010

with more then 4 weeks Media Control Top 50 Oliver Pochers new song now enters the Top20 Trends! Thank you for your support.

Product only available in Germany Austria Suisse. Please see german page for Details


New Gregorian record will be coming

Thursday, 10 06 2010

Aside some new Gregorian concert dates in August for Poland, Croatia and Germany as well as Russia in october there is new Gregorian studio work at the moment for the upcoming new album.

we can tell you to look forward the release at the end of this year - because this is going to be a really really hot one!!!

German comedian Oliver Pocher sings new football anthem for Fifa worldcup 2010

Friday, 07 05 2010

product only available in germany, austria, switzerland - see german details
watch the video on this site at artist Oliver Pocher

MIREILLE MATHIEU Hamburg CCH review von Holger Stürenburg

Friday, 30 04 2010

Thank you Mireille for a great and successful Tour 2010 in Germany!!!!!!!

please see german version of this review for more details

Young CRhyme - New Webspace

Thursday, 29 04 2010

working on the new release CRhyme City Threepead at the moment we proudly present
Money Mendozas new webspace with lots of information about this upcoming new rapstar from Hamburg.

Check out

There is also great news coverage in Hamburg`s biggest daily newspaper:

Link zur Hamburger MOPO

MOKOH MUSIC - the new label of Wunderkind Entertainment

Thursday, 15 04 2010

Wunderkind Entertainment is founding a new label to achieve better marketing concepts for artist and partners. The first release on the new label MOKOH MUSIC will be comedy superstar Oliver Pocher with his new FIFA Football World Cup Song 2010 distributed by Universal Music Group. The release will be on the 7th of May in music stores and download stores. MOKOH MUSIC is aiming to combine artist and industry partners as well as developing complete package marketing and distribution strategies.

This becomes possible due to long term experience of the two partners Stephan Moritz and Jan-Eric Kohrs each in their domains and a hudge network of interesting partners of MOKOH MUSIC. The label will be a part of the Hamburg based production company Wunderkind Entertainment and the Berlin based Jest Publishing and therefore stands right in the center of the two biggest creative melting pots in germany.

more information about MOKOH MUSIC will be found at:

contact MOKOH MUSIC:

Grammophone Series Release on wunderkind label

Saturday, 13 03 2010

A series of three new cds captures the music of the early last century. Digitally remastered acoustically decrackled, denoised and treated to meet our nowadays acoustic experience without destroying the unique flavour of the original recordings the listener will find most sought after classics in this special collection series.

Grandma's favourite Songs of the 30's, Grammophone Classics and the Christmas Collection unites the amazing artists of the early 20th century and the most classic songs to a unique collection like only grandma experienced in the early days.
All three cd's with a listening experience of more than an hour will this collection take you on a very special time travel back to the good old days.

All records will be available in april on your favourite download store.

Hotel Bohemia - Gran Canaria

Wednesday, 10 03 2010

Anna Klepper composed the new signature song for hotel chain Bohemia called All for you
Production was finished in collaboration with Jan-Eric Kohrs at Wunderkind Studio Hamburg.

A great song that supports the beautiful pictures of the movie. Take a look yourself

Young CRhyme aka Money Mendoza wins Radio Hamburg voting

Tuesday, 02 03 2010

Thank you vor voting for Rapstar Young CRhyme at Radio Hamburg.

Mami Can't Dance will be in the playlist now!

watch the champion on Radio Hamburg webspace

Keep track on Young CRhyme who`s working in the studio at the moment on his new wunderkind release Chryme City 3 peat

Mireille Mathieu on tour in Germany

Monday, 15 02 2010

In spring 2010 Mireille Mathieu will held 23 concerts in Germany, Austria and Denmark. By middle of April to middle of May her fans will be completely close to the small french woman with the large voice. Her strong singing and her devoted interpretations will invite the public to her only truth: the love for the music. Mireille Mathieu, also affectionately named „the sparrow of Avignon “, sang already 1200 songs in eleven languages and sold more than 150 million records, several millions of it in Germany. With her unique french charming and her hits „behind the scenes of Paris “, „Akropolis Adieu “or „on one Sunday in Avignon “ she sang herself into the hearts of four generations.
On her tour „my greatest successes “- Mireille will perform her greatest hits from a 45 years music career.

She will also include titles of her current new albums called „close to you“ and in my heart which are produced by Jan-Eric Kohrs for Sonymusic Ariola.

Mireille Mathieu dates:
14.04.2010 20:00 Halle Saale / Georg-Friedrich-Händel Halle, Halle
16.04.2010 20:00 Gera / Kultur und Kongreß Zentrum Gera
17.04.2010 20:00 Magdeburg / Stadthalle Magdeburg
18.04.2010 19:30 Erfurt / Messehalle Erfurt
20.04.2010 20:00 Baden-Baden / Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
21.04.2010 20:00 Nürnberg / Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg
22.04.2010 20:00 Frankfurt Main / Alte Oper Frankfurt
23.04.2010 20:00 Düsseldorf / Philipshalle Düsseldorf
25.04.2010 19:30 Wetzlar / Rittal Arena Wetzlar
26.04.2010 20:00 Stuttgart / Liederhalle Beethovensaal Stuttgart
28.04.2010 20:00 Chemnitz / Stadthalle Chemnitz
29.04.2010 20:00 Leipzig / Arena Leipzig
30.04.2010 20:00 Hamburg / CCH Hamburg

Konzerte im Mai

02.05.2010 19:30 München / Philharmonie im Gasteig München
07.05.2010 20:00 Dresden / Kulturpalast Dresden
08.05.2010 20:00 Rostock / Stadthalle Rostock
09.05.2010 20:00 Braunschweig / Stadthalle Braunschweig
11.05.2010 20:00 Mannheim / Rosengarten Mozartsaal Mannheim
12.05.2010 20:00 Ilsenburg / Harzlandhalle Ilsenburg
14.05.2010 20:00 Berlin / ICC Berlin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010

Thursday, 24 12 2009

Wunderkind Entertainment Team wishes all artists, musicians, partners and labels a merry christmas and a happy new year.

We thank you all for the successful collaboration in 2009 and wish you all success and the attention you deserve in 2010!

With kind regards
Jan-Eric Kohrs

Young CRhyme Special on SAT1

Saturday, 12 12 2009

Young Chryme with a special feature on german television Sat1 performing his new christmas rap with Toni Jay and a special about his career

Young CRhyme on german television Sat1

Gregorian 10th Anniversary Tour

Wednesday, 18 11 2009

10 Jahre - Die Jubiläumstour

Mit der Veröffentlichung des Albums „Masters of Chant“ begann 1999 der Siegeszug einer genialen Idee, die unter dem Namen Gregorian weltweit für Aufsehen sorgte. Frank Peterson, bereits zuvor gemeinsam mit Michael Cretu und dem Projekt Enigma erfolgreich, verfolgte nun mit seinem neuen Produktionsteam Carsten Heusmann, Michael Soltau und Jan-Eric Kohrs seine Idee der Verschmelzung von Popmusik und Choral konsequent weiter. Ihnen ist es gelungen ein eigenes Genre zu erschaffen, das sich bis heute als solches etablieren konnte.

In einer Zeit, die kaum Raum für Besinnung lässt, sind Gregorian zu einem Phänomen geworden. Ihre Musik und Konzerte geben die Möglichkeit, zur Ruhe zu kommen. Und lassen ihr Publikum durch ihre einzigartige Präsentation auf wundervolle Art und Weise dem Alltag entfliehen.

Ein Chor mit Erfolgsgarantie feiert 10jähriges Jubiläum – mit neuem Album Masters of Chant Chapter VII auf Tournee

Unzählige Bewunderer auf der ganzen Welt warten seit Gründung des Chores immer wieder sehnsüchtig auf neue Lebenszeichen. Im Jahr seines 10jährigen Bestehens werden sie nicht enttäuscht.
Gerade von ihrem ersten Gastspiel in Japan zurückgekehrt, ist seit dem 25. September 2009 das neue Gregorian-Album, das siebte in der Reihe „Master of Chant“, auf dem Markt. Auch hier gilt wieder das Konzept, das diesen Chor weltberühmt und erfolgreich gemacht hat: Musik der letzten 40 Jahre in einem völlig neuen Sound in die zeitlose Welt des Gregorianischen Chorals zu integrieren. Auf „Masters of Chant Chapter VII“ sind Songs von Musikgrößen wie U2, Depeche Mode, Gwen Stefani, Lionel Richie, Snow Patrol oder Guns ‘N’ Roses zu finden. Insgesamt wurden dieses Mal 14 Tracks in das Gregorian Genre transferiert.

Natürlich bilden die Songs des brandneuen Albums den Schwerpunkt des Live-Programms der Jubiläumstournee, die die singenden Mönche durch insgesamt 24 deutsche Städte führen wird, sowie nach Österreich und die Schweiz. Mit großer Begleitband, einer eindrucksvollen Lichtshow, mit Flammen, Laser- und Projektionseffekten wird diese Tour erneut die Einzigartigkeit von Gregorian unter Beweis stellen.

Die großartige Qualität der Mitglieder dieses einzigartigen Chores wussten auch schon andere zu schätzen und verpflichteten die Sänger bereits für die Filmmusik von „Harry Potter“, „Lord Of The Rings“ und „Star Wars“. Und auch die bisher über 4,8 Millionen verkauften CDs und DvDs und über 1 Million begeisterte Besucher ihrer Live-Konzerte, sprechen eine eindeutige Sprache: Gregorian haben im Laufe ihrer 10jährigen Karriere in Europa, Süd-Amerika, Asien, Süd-Afrika, Mexiko und den USA Millionen Fans aller Altersgruppen gewinnen können und ihre Zahl steigt ständig. Auch die vielfachen internationalen Charterfolge, Gold- und Platinauszeichnungen lassen das Team ans Aufhören noch nicht einmal denken.

Do., 20:00 | Bremen
Die Glocke

Fr., 20:00 | Duisburg
Theater am Marientor

Sa., 20:00 | Dortmund
Westfalenhalle 3A

Mo., 20:00 | Berlin

Di., 20:00 | Magdeburg

Mi., 20:00 | Hannover
Theater am Aegi

Do., 19:45 | Stade
STADEUM Kultur- und Tagungszentrum

Sa., 20:00 | Halle / Saale

So., 19:00 | Würzburg
Congress Centrum Würzburg

Mo., 20:00 | Frankfurt
Alte Oper - Großer Saal

Di., 20:00 | Ulm
Congress Centrum Ulm

Mi., 20:00 | Stuttgart
Liederhalle - Hegelsaal

Fr., 20:00 | Mannheim

Sa., 20:00 | Singen

So., 20:00 | Freiburg
Konzerthaus Freiburg

Mo., 20:00 | Zürich
Neues Theater Spirgarten

Di., 20:00 | Bozen
Stadthalle Bozen

So., 20:00 | Graz
Grazer Congress - Stefaniensaal

Mo., 20:00 | Innsbruck
Congress Innsbruck

Di., 20:00 | Salzburg

Mi., 20:00 | Leipzig
Gewandhaus zu Leipzig

Do., 17:30 | Erfurt
Alte Oper - Erfurt

Do., 20:30 | Erfurt
Alte Oper - Erfurt

Fr., 20:00 | Dresden

Sa., 20:00 | Chemnitz
Stadthalle - Großer Saal

Mo., 20:00 | München
Deutsches Theater

Di., 20:00 | Heilbronn

Mi., 20:00 | Nürnberg

Ein Eindruck aus Moskau:

EDEL congratulates for 10 years Gregorian and more than 5 million records sold

Monday, 16 11 2009

Edel music gave a special award for more than 5 million sold copies of Gregorian Masters of Chant to Frank Peterson and his team Carsten Heusmann and Jan-Eric Kohrs at the 10th anniversary concert at Operettenhaus in Hamburg on the 16th of November

Quelle Musikwoche/Mediabiz


Mireille Mathieu - Nah bei Dir

Thursday, 15 10 2009

news about Mireille Mathieu`s new 2009 cd Nah bei dir (VÖ: 30.10.2009) SonyMusic

40 years ago MIREILLE MATHIEU had a great success with Behind the scenes of Paris and Martin in Germany.
40 million sold copies just in Germany there comes the new release Nah bei Dir. Certain opinions changed since then, certain topics in the songs and certain sounds also. Nothing changed in the highly gifted voice, in the characteristic hair-style and in Mireille Mathieus attitude to her occupation: Singing is my life, which reason, why I breathe and exist. I need this. And therefore is Nah bei Dir (translated close with you) an impressive melange from yesterday, today and tomorrow - a new, but nevertheless timeless document of an artist, who remained faithful to herself.

After Mireille Mathieus breathtaking comeback on the German market with the album produced by Jan-Eric Kohrs In meinem Herzen in autumn 2007 - chanson fans can be pleased this year with a new album of a class of its own. Nah bei dir will be released on 30 October. Since the beginning of October the first single Und immer wieder Zärtlichkeit will be heard in the radio and will remind all Mireille Mathieu fans of the time of its largest successes. A timeless song with an evergreen character, which enriches the German radio autumn 2009.

With the second A-side, a hudge classic ballad Liebe lebt Mireille Mathieu presents a musical declaration of love.
A hymn to the largest feeling of all, which played always a central role in Mireilles songs. Further songs Sehnsucht ist ein Liebesbrief , Liebe bist Du , Höre gut auf Dein Herz. Opulent arranged ballads as Du bist die Zeit find in the spectrum; Demoiselle d'Avignon exactly the same their place like in-usual hits ( It was the Moment , My life with dir) or gentle chansons ( C'est l'amour).

The successful songwriters of the german chanson market (Dietmar Kawohl, Peter Bischoff, Mats Björklund, Tommy Mustac, Tobias Reitz, Rudolf Müssig, Christof Leis-Bendorff) as well as french writers (Patrick Hampartzoumian, Yaël Benamour) took part while producer Jan-Eric Kohrs build impressing and deep arrangements, which form a solid foundation for the strong, unmistakable voice of the French world star.

In spring 2010 Mireille will perform a live tour with a big orchestra under the name of My largest success

Further information will be found at www.mireillemathieu.com


31.10.2009 20:15 ZDF of German Television welcome with Carmen Nebel
02.11.2009 22:47 Beckmann
06.11.2009 21:15 RTL the ultimative Chartshow

Mireille Mathieu on tour:

My largest success - Live with orchestra

14.04.2010 Halle/Saale, Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Halle
16.04.2010 Gera, Kultur- und Kongresszentrum
17.04.2010 Magdeburg, Stadthalle
18.04.2010 Erfurt, Messe
20.04.2010 Baden-Baden, Festspielhaus
21.04.2010 Nürnberg, Meistersingerhalle
22.04.2010 Frankfurt, Alte Oper
23.04.2010 Düsseldorf, Philipshalle
25.04.2010 Wetzlar, Rittal Arena
26.04.2010 Stuttgart, Liederhalle
28.04.2010 Chemnitz, Stadthalle
29.04.2010 Leipzig, Arena
30.04.2010 Hamburg, CCH
02.05.2010 München, Philharmonie
03.05.2010 A- Wels, BRP Rotax Halle
04.05.2010 A- Wien, Stadthalle
07.05.2010 Dresden, Kulturpalast
08.05.2010 Rostock, Stadthalle
09.05.2010 Braunschweig, Stadthalle
11.05.2010 Mannheim, Rosengarten
12.05.2010 Ilsenburg, Harzlandhalle
14.05.2010 Berlin, ICC

Source: Ariola/Smago.de

Sweet Sister Pain nominated for NME Video Awards 2009

Sunday, 11 10 2009

The english music magazine NME nominated Sweet Sister Pain for their video Annabel Lee. The song is based on a novel by Edgar Alan Poe.

The video was directed by Dennis Priße and Gunther Laudahn. Wunderkind Entertainment is distributing the CD Sweet Sister Pain available on all legal music download sites.


Gregorian enters german Top50

Saturday, 03 10 2009

The new cd Masters of Chant Chapter VII enters german Top50 first week on 46.
Congratulations to the whole team...

all information for this brand new record will be on the discographie, the artist section or at www.gregorian.de

Mami can`t Dance

Wednesday, 30 09 2009

The new single out of Young CRhymes Mixtape CRhyme City Mami can`t Dance is released. The new video is already on Hotrotation on Yavido Clips and received more than 2500 clicks on Youtube within 5 days.... HAMBURG CITY!!!!

Sarah Brightman tours South America for the first time!

Saturday, 19 09 2009

Sarah Brightman will be touring South America for the first time with a new production under musical direction of Jan-Eric Kohrs. This is a new tour and will feature Sarah performing her best-loved hit songs. Please check Sarah`s Website http://www.sarah-brightman.com for more detailed information and dates. Here is a preliminary version:

02-OCT-2009 — Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — Festival Internacional Chihuahua
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 16-AUG-2009
Tel: 01 800 999 29 80

05-OCT-2009 — Mexico City, Mexico — Auditorio Nacional
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 10-AUG-2009
www.ticketmaster.com.mx www.zignialive.com
Tel: +55 5325 9000

07-OCT-2009 — Puebla, Mexico — Auditorio Siglo XXI
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 10-AUG-2009
www.superboletos.com www.zignialive.com
Tel: +55 774 0404

09-OCT-2009 — Guadalajara, Mexico — Auditorio Telmex
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 07-AUG-2009
www.ticketmaster.com.mx www.zignialive.com
Tel: +55 3818-3800

11-OCT-2009 — Monterrey, Mexico — Arena Monterrey
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 07-AUG-2009
www.superboletos.com www.zignialive.com
Tel: +55 8220-4100

14-OCT-2009 — Caracas, Venezuela — Teatro Teresa Carreno
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 11-AUG-2009
Tel: 0500-67372-00

16-OCT-2009 — Santiago, Chile — Movistar Arena
Pre-sale* date / Fecha de Preventa* / Data do início da venda antecipada*: 15-AUG-2009
* Banco de Chile-Edwards City customers have access to the pre-sale, with a 20% discount on tickets.
* Los clientes de Banco de Chile-Edwards City tienen acceso a un 20% de descuento en Pre-Venta de boletos.
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 22-AUG-2009
Tel: +56 2 690-2000

17-OCT-2009 — Buenos Aires, Argentina — Luna Park
Pre-sale* date / Fecha de Preventa* / Data do início da venda antecipada*: 21-AUG-2009
* CITI customers have access to the pre-sale, with a 15% discount on tickets.
* Los clientes de CITI tienen acceso a un 15% de descuento en Pre-Venta de boletos.
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 04-SEP-2009
Tel: +54 11 5353 0606

20-OCT-2009 — Sao Paulo, Brasil — Credicard Hall
21-OCT-2009 — Sao Paulo, Brasil — Credicard Hall
23-OCT-2009 — Rio de Janeiro, Brasil — Citibank Hall
Pre-sale* date / Fecha de Preventa* / Data do início da venda antecipada*: 12-AUG-2009
* Citibank, Credicard and Diners credit cards clients have access to the presale with a 25% discount.
* Cartões Citibank, Credicard e Diners têm acesso à venda antecipada com desconto de 25%.
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 19-AUG-2009
Tel: +55 (11) 2846-6000 for Sao Paulo or Rio • 0300-789-6846 for Rio only

26-OCT-2009 — Lima, Peru — Jockey Club
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 23-AUG-2009
Tel: +51 1 618-3838

28-OCT-2009 — Bogotá, Colombia — Coliseo Campin
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 04-SEP-2009

31-OCT-2009 — Chichen Itza, Mexico — Chichen Itza
On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 31-AUG-2009

Este Tour es totalmente nuevo y Sarah nos presentará una selección de sus Hits musicales favoritos. y más entrañables.

Esta é uma nova turnê, em que Sarah cantará seus maiores sucessos.

So how can you top an already memorable evening, and turn it into one you'll never forget? Go backstage to meet Sarah after your concert! More info on Sarah`s Website http://www.sarah-brightman.com

Así que... ¿Cómo puedes hacer mayor una tan memorable velada y tornarla en una que jamás olvidarás? ¡Aprovecha esta oportunidad y conoce personalmente a Sarah en la experiencia backstage después del concierto! Más informacion http://www.sarah-brightman.com

Como você pode transformar uma noite já especial em um momento inesquecível? Vá aos bastidores conhecer Sarah após o show! Mais informações http://www.sarah-brightman.com

Gregorian goes Asia

Saturday, 05 09 2009

Gregorian will perform at the MBS Temple Show event in Nara, Japan on the 5.9.2009

Band: Gunther Laudahn (git) Carsten Heusmann (keys) and Jan-Eric Kohrs. Amelia Brightman will perform 2 duets with
Gregorian as part of the show.
30 million japanese people will watch the Temple Show on the 3rd of november on japanese station MBS, who invited the band.
Gregorian played songs of the new album Masters of Chant VII that will be released with edel records on the 25th of september.

Fabius on air

Wednesday, 05 08 2009

Fabius will be releasing new single min schwiegermudder

only available on the german market

Mireille Mathieu - new record

Wednesday, 05 08 2009

Jan-Eric Kohrs is recording at Studio Guillaume Tell, Paris at the moment.
After big success of the last comeback cd In meinem Herzen 2007 he will be producing the new 2009 follow up record of Mireille Mathieu again. Release is planned for october 2009. More information will follow as work is in progress.

10 years Gregorian Project

Wednesday, 03 06 2009

Happy Birthday Gregorian! The new album Masters of Chant VII will be released in october for the 10th anniversary of the Gregorian project.
Jan-Eric Kohrs recorded at Wunderkind Studio, Voxklang Bendestorf und Angel Studio, London in May and June and after finishing programming at Wunderkind he mixed the tracks together with the master himself - Frank Peterson - at Nemo Studios.
Packed with awesome tracks this record definately lives up to an anniversary record!

Again there will be very tasteful coverversions and two originals. You should look forward an extremly interesting arrangement of U2s classic One, Supertramps - Don`t leave me now and a trance version of Tom Pettys A Face in the Crowd.

There are also some really good tracks of the colleagues Laudahn and Heusmann which I recommend Kashmir, Meadows of Heaven and a very nice version of Fleetwood Macs Running up that Hill!

Enjoy this fantastic new record and add a new jewel to your collection...

MyVideo Star - vote for Nicci

Monday, 01 06 2009

please support young upcoming singer Nicci on the RTL Casting Show MyVideo Star. Jan-Eric Kohrs produced the song Du denkst ich bin schwach with this talented singer. Please vote for and support the video:


You may also take a look at the video under the artist section Nicci

!Mami can`t dance!

Tuesday, 26 05 2009

Money Mendoza and Jan-Eric Kohrs produce a new video for the singlerelease of Mami can`t Dance which is part of the Mixtape Cryhme City 2.0. (WKE november 2008) The video was shot at various location in Hamburg but mainly in the famous Riverkasematten. Directors Dan Weigl, Sebastian Förtsch und Jan Philipp Grelich made feature partners Toni Jay Junior, Wes Miagi look good next to Young CRhyme in hot clubbing action with a lot of dedicated fans.
Look forward the release in october on various music channels and support the new cd on iTunes, Amazon and Musicload!

songwriter signing Hannes Diercks

Wednesday, 20 05 2009

new songwriter signing Hannes Diercks works together with Jan-Eric Kohrs on his debut album.
the record is produced by nightclub records and will hopefully be released at the end of this year. We keep you informed!

Gregorian Live In Israel

Sunday, 10 05 2009

Israel – A Concert for Reconciliation

Gregorian featuring the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra and Amelia Brightman will perform a special concert in Israel on the 13th of May.

With strong support from the Republic of Italy, Sat2000 has arranged a televised event on 13th May during the visit of the Holy Father to the Holy Land. It will take place in the magnificent setting of the Roman amphitheatre at Bet she’an.

‘A Concert for Reconciliation’ will bring together people from different cultures and religions through music and dance.

Within the amphitheatre there will room for more than 7000 people, Jewish, Muslim and Christian families. Giulio Base and Moran Attias will be presenting a performance including among others, Alessandro Safina, Francesco D’Orazio, the Magnificat Institute Choir, composed of 20 Jewish, Christian and Muslim children.

Simon Peres will be present at this exceptional event, together with dignitaries from Italy and Jordan. There will also be video greetings from Riccardo Di Segni, chief Rabbi of Rome, Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Commission for promoting Christian Unity, and the Iman of the Roman Mosque, Al Ghobaishi.

The concert, under the patronage of the Comune di Roma, will be transmitted by Sat2000 on Wednesday 13th May at 21:30 (GMT+1).

Sat2000 is available unencrypted on Sky satellite channel 801 and on terrestial digital TV. Its transmissions are also relayed by several local stations.

Shweta Shetty sings Chaiyya Chaiyya for Plan International Jubilee

Sunday, 01 03 2009

more than 1000 prominent guest celebrated the 20th anniversary of Plan Deutschland on the first of march in the hamburgische staatsoper. the charity organization based in hamburg wanted to thank all friends and supporters with this
unique celebration.

Dunja Hayali hosted the show with performances of Katja Riemann, Henning Mankell and of course the highlight of the day: indian singer Shweta Shetty.
Jan-Eric Kohrs produced the song chaiyya chaiyya for her which was written by oscar nominated composer A.R. Rahman.

for more information about plan international:

Video Young Crhyme Hot Rotation - Ya know whud it iz!

Tuesday, 24 02 2009

the first video out of 2008 fall release CRhyme City 2.0 is going to be Ya know whud it iz and is already shown on yavido.de urban music network channel within the real groove rotation. you might also wanna check youTube:

support the album on iTunes or other selected download stores and enjoy!

also young crhyme aka will be featured in the upcoming 2009 mixtape release
check the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUJGxCbLQHE

Sarah Brightman Symphonie World Tour Asia

Tuesday, 10 02 2009

Sarah Brightman will be bringing the SYMPHONY WORLD TOUR to selected countries in Asia from February to April, 2009.

And for the first time in Asia, concert-goers will also have the opportunity to meet Sarah after the concert and go on the insiders' backstage tour! For more information about the BACKSTAGE EXPERIENCE for Asia, please visit:


Following her Olympic 2008 success, Sarah Brightman embarked on a world tour - her first since 2004.

Kickin off the tour in Monterrey, Mexico on November 4th, 2008 with 4 concerts, Brightman performed already 18 concerts in the US and 10 concerts in Canada.

Continuing her tradition of breathtaking stage productions, this tour features new and groundbreaking technology, with virtual and holographic stage sets that have never been seen before in any touring concert production.

This innovative stage technology is highly sophisticated and dramatic, creating an otherworldly, ethereal experience: enormous realistic ballrooms will meld into fairytale gardens and then morph into giant fish tanks, right before the audience's very eyes.

Again a marvellous band - which already supported Sarah in her legendary Vienna Symphony PBS Showcase release in the Stephansdom, Austria - under the musical direction of Jan-Eric Kohrs create a perfect musical support for Sarah`s glorious voice.

Don Pi - Rio Jazz

Tuesday, 20 01 2009

wunderkind entertainment finished recording sessions of brasilian piano player Don Pi.
the best musicians of hamburgs brasil and jazz scene supported the project called rio jazz.
the record will be released on may, 2009

Don Pi also known as Mr.Pi will be promoting the record in brasil at that time.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!

Wednesday, 24 12 2008

Wunderkind-Entertainment wishes a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year 2009 to all partners, artists, musicians and friends.

we would like to thank you all for the great work and opportunities we had in 2008! we love to entertain you ;-)

Fabius - Wiehnachtsfried

Wednesday, 10 12 2008

regional release - see german for more information...

Gregorian Christmas Tour 2008

Monday, 01 12 2008

check tourdates at www.gregorian.com

Sarah Brightman Symphony World Tour

Monday, 03 11 2008

from november to december 2008 Jan-Eric Kohrs once again will be leading the fabulous band of Sarah Brightman`s new Symphony World Tour.

In addition to groundbreaking virtual and holographic stage sets, there will be further treats such as
Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis is slated to tour and duet with Sarah throughout US and Canada.
And in Mexico, Italian tenor Alessandro Safina will be performing with Sarah, with a special appearance by countertenor, Fernando Lima.

Mario Frangoulis is featured on selected editions of Sarah's new WINTER SYMPHONY album, while Alessandro Safina can be heard duetting with Sarah on SYMPHONY. Fernando Lima is featured on both albums.

For more information and tourdates please check out www.sarah-brightman.com

brand new Shell commercial - WKE makes chattering of teeth into a song

Friday, 03 10 2008

the new wunderkind-entertainment commercial for shell direct in germany has just been released. collaborating with the agency ziegs, kuchel and mueller we created a tv-spot with a family that starts shivering and chattering their teeth which develops a little melody at the end. the spot is shown in cinemas and tv across germany and you can watch it on youtube:

CRhyme City 2.0 Release

Sunday, 28 09 2008

the long awaited mixtape CRhyme City 2.0 by english speaking german rap star Young CRhyme will be released on the 3rd of october in german record stores or your favorite downloadstore (like iTunes, Musicload, Amazon etc) worldwide.

Young CRhyme collaborates with guest stars from the usa and france and sets an international level to his styles and production skills on this first official mixtape release.

Freezers stadium opening 2008

Monday, 01 09 2008

watch the dramatic new composition of jan-eric kohrs and dirk bertam that opens the new season for hamburgs most successful icehockey club hh-freezers in the color line arena. the new anthem is a classical dramatic peace that brings the tension needed for the fast and furious games of this great icehockey team. congratulations for choosing the best for the best ;-)

watch it at youtube:

Lexington Bridge - new single Dance with me

Saturday, 30 08 2008

LXB new single called Dance with me and is going to be released end of october. The layout vocals have been recorded by Jan-Eric Kohrs at Wunderkind Studio Hamburg in collaboration with Qura Rankin (Christina Aguilera) who also produced this hot cover of 90s hot r&b group 112. Watch the video and check out this great new smash!

St Pauli Buccaneers

Tuesday, 12 08 2008

St Pauli Buccaneers will celebrate their championship on saturday - 6th september from 16.00 to 20.00 with a hudge party at Spielbudenplatz, St Pauli. supported by Delta Radio and amongst other artists like Caramelle, KWA and Sleepwalker there will be the very first performance of the new anthem of the St Pauli Buccaneers which was written by Money Mendoza and Jan-Eric Kohrs. The song will become the new stadion anthem for all upcoming Buccaneers games and the whole club.

Take a listen to the Buccaneers Anthem - also released on Young CRhymes forthcoming mixtape CRhyme City 2.0 - a most powerful song that will represent the football club that hosts Paco Varol - one of the most outstanding defensive players in germany who just won the Eurobowl finals with the german national team!

And keep checking the news for yet another big time stadion anthem of wunderkind-entertainment coming up soon!!!

Gregorian enters Billboard Charts Top10

Wednesday, 30 07 2008

the curb records barnes and nobles exclusive usa gregorian release enters the billboard classical
crossover charts on number 7

together with symphony by sarah brightman there are now 2 releases within the top 10 at the same time! also the dvd filming of symphony live in vienna stephansdom from january 2008 has been released in the us with blue note label group in june

Summer Sun and Jennifer

Thursday, 17 07 2008

imagine that: it is summer and as always rainy weather in hamburg - but wunderkind team is enjoying the sun and mallorca beaches with Jennifer Paige at BALLERMANN.

that was big fun. you can enjoy the video within jennifer`s artist paige on this website... :-)

Gregorian Summer Dates 2008

Sunday, 22 06 2008

Gregorian will perform a couple of festivals in germany as well as a concert at the congress center warsaw, poland.

check out all dates this summer on www.gregorian.de

CRhyme City 2099 Part 2

Sunday, 08 06 2008

recordings in progress of new mixtape crhyme city 2099 part 2
of one of hamburgs most talented rap star young crhyme.

check out the new trailer on young crhymes artist page!

Pi Don recordings

Thursday, 22 05 2008

the wellknown and extraordinary talented brazilian piano player Pi Don is producing his new record at wunderkind studios.
there are many great musicians from all over the world collaborating on his new cd and we are looking forward a release coming up at the beginning of 2009!

Fabius EP

Tuesday, 13 05 2008

local product for north german market. check out german site for more information

Give Carl a vote!!!

Monday, 14 04 2008

hello friends of the wunderkind! please go to http://www.gotv.at/bpultimate.php and vote no. 404 carl albrecht. carl made a wonderful soundlogo and a soundbed for bp competition and is in urgent need for your vote. please spread the word and click for carl until the 19th of april!!!

a big thank you from carl to everyone who gets involved :-)

Jennifer Paige on Tour

Saturday, 05 04 2008

Jennifer Paige who sang the worldwide megahit crush at the end of 90s is back with her marvelous new record best kept secret on her first promotional tour in germany. Alex Grube, Reiner Kallas Hubert, Mirta Junco Wambrug and Jan-Eric Kohrs will be part of her promotour for the opening of the DTM and for the record release in düsseldorf on 6th of april, 7. april in munich, at 8. april in berlin and at 9th april in cologne. check it out!!!

Mireille Mathieu - start of extensive german tour - In meinem Herzen

Sunday, 23 03 2008

spring 2008 after over 20 years of absence - Mireille Mathieu is back on an expanded germany tour.

apart from her large hits Mireille Mathieu will also perform current songs of her new german-language album in my heart which was produced by Jan-Eric Kohrs.

with over 125 million records sold, Mireille Mathieu can be easily called one of the most successful female singers of all time and is up until today the most successful french speaking artist in the world.

the tour will start on the 27th of march 2008 in Leipzig. for further data check under tourdates...

Touch the Sky with TUIfly

Saturday, 01 03 2008

download the new TUIfly song 2008 in the topright corner of


for free.

composer stephan moritz from studio funk berlin has coproduced this great piece of commercial music with jan-eric kohrs in pittsburgh, berlin and hamburg and we hope that more creative output will be seen from this fabulous berlin-hamburg connection!

pay attention to the great vocal performances of ron spielman and celina bostic.

Carolin Fortenbacher sings at Eurovision Song Contest

Monday, 18 02 2008

carolin fortenbacher sings the nemo productions song hinter`m ozean (behind the ocean) at the german pre eurovision song contest on the 6th of march. jan-eric kohrs will be leading the band at the live show in hamburg schauspielhaus consisting of the wonderful and great musicians alex grube, reiner kallas hubert, gunther laudahn und sebastian motz.

De Dag (ward noch goot)

Wednesday, 06 02 2008

this day is going to be great - new single by Fabius. unfortunately this day is only going to be great for the german market...

Symphony-Live in Vienna FREE TICKETS

Sunday, 13 01 2008

Sarah Brightman and very wellknown guest-stars Fernando Lima, Alessandro Safina und Chris Thompson will perform songs of her long awaited new album Symphony in a spectacular tv-recording out of the vienna stephansdom on the 16th of january. Hannes Rossacher shoots the special for the american tv-station PBS and musical director Jan-Eric Kohrs will lead a cast of 45 people including rockband with symphonieorchestra and classical choir.

500 fans will be able to attend the concert for free if they send an e-mail to brightmaninvienna@wien-ticket.at.
the first 500 will be contacted on tuesday for further information.

Happy New Year 2008

Tuesday, 01 01 2008

a happy new year to all artists, partners, friends and fans
from wunderkind entertainment!

Sarah Brightman - Fashion on Ice, Atlantic City

Friday, 16 11 2007

superstar Sarah Brightman and olympic champion Sasha Cohen in Fashion on Ice -
an unforgettable evening of soaring music of Sarah`s forthcoming record and dazzling world-champion skating
along with Nemo Team members Frank Peterson (Bass), Jan-Eric Kohrs (Musical Director), Carsten Heusmann (Key) and Gunther Laudahn (Guitar) will be performing with a hudge orchestra live at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City presented by Caesar`s Palace on Saturday, November 17th at 8 p.m.
Sarah Brightman and Sasha Cohen, along with olympic medalists Even Lysacek, Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto - will be dressed to dazzle by some of the best fashion designers from New York to Milan.

Gregorian Christmas Tour in Germany

Monday, 12 11 2007

the gregorian monks will be on christmas tour in germany again this year. musical director jan-eric kohrs will perform songs from the xmas Chants CD as well as from the new CD Masters of Chants VI

please check tourdates for more information

Gregorian US Tourdates postponed

Thursday, 18 10 2007

Gregorian USA tourdates of november 2007 have been postponed to beginning of next year 2008 and will be exceeded. tickets will stay valid.
german tourdates for christmas tour will be executed as planned.

Mireille Mathieu - In meinem Herzen

Wednesday, 10 10 2007

our biggest project this year and we proudly present the release of Mireille Mathieu - In meinem Herzen with Abilene Disc/SONY BMG on the 12. october 2007. Jan-Eric Kohrs produced her sensational comeback - the first german record release since 8 years which is stuffed with 14 newly recorded tracks performed by one of the most successful female singers of all time.
go to ARTIST or DISCOGRAPHIE to find out more...

chartsentry Masters of Chant Chapter VI

Monday, 08 10 2007

Gregorian Masters of Chant Chapter VI gets a sensational entry on TOP 43 on the official media control charts. congratulations to the team and to us :) for this marvellous longplayer which is number 8 in this greatly successful series of records.

Margit un de Freesenjungs

Wednesday, 19 09 2007

only available in germany

Gregorian Masters of Chant VI released soon

Saturday, 25 08 2007

new gregorian cd masters of chant VI will be released with edel records on the 28th of september 2007.
more information will be found at ARTISTS...

Soundtrack by CaRL RRReVeNGe

Saturday, 07 07 2007

Carl Albrecht wrote a marvelous 70`s soundtrack for the movie monolog of an escape by Nicolaus Wilder and
Sebastian Schulz. the movie shows the crisis of a graffiti sprayer and was shown during the summer festival of
planet alsen with great success.

Young CRhyme Mixtape Out Now

Sunday, 01 07 2007

mixtape Crhyme City 2099 of hamburg based rapper young crhyme is out on july 1st. the cd contains
the wunderkind production stand up. there is also a def wunderkind remix of that song. check out the
wunderkind myspace to have a listen...

new Qowaz song online

Monday, 25 06 2007

collaborating with elkArt/onehousemedia and wertmarke agency we created the new song of qowaz beer by fuerstenberg brewery in germany. the 10 minutes long song is using a lot of german dialects to be mixed on


enjoy the fresh composition of dirk bertram and jan-eric kohrs with a taste of wheat beer and cola.

new wke beats online on myspace

Tuesday, 05 06 2007

for all mcs, rap stars and music lovers out there we put some new beats online on myspace.
peace out and enjoy the shanghai arrival!

new section for brandnew wke beats download will be coming soon to this webpage. use contact for more information...

Gregorian Masters of Chant VI

Friday, 18 05 2007

recording and programming for masters of chant is finished. we start mixing now and more information about the new record and the tracklist will hopefully be released by nemo studio soon

a week full of choirs

Tuesday, 24 04 2007

recordings for gregorian masters of chant 6 in london angel studio are in progress as meanwhile carl also did recordings for an old-fashioned shanty choir with traditional german folk songs

Happy Birthday

Thursday, 22 03 2007

happy birthday toni. may always good beats and tunes come out of your fingers... ;-)

Songwriting Sessions

Thursday, 01 03 2007

from january through march a lot of writing sessions took place at wunderkind entertainment.
jan-eric wrote a couple of tunes for upcoming DSDS contestants, one song for the upcoming masters of chant gregorian and a couple of songs for different projects in progress also in collaboration with house of songs. announcements will be taken soon. i was very honored to have co-written with writers such as Winston Sela (Maxie Priest, LouLou, Monrose, Sandra), Dirk Bertram (B.Hirtreiter), Michelle Leonard (Hanna Pakarinen, Sandy, Mike Leon Grosch, Vanilla Ninja, Joachim Witt), Alex Prince (No Angels, Gadjo, Nalin&Kane, Syke`n Sugarstar, Fettes Brot) and Amelia Myers (Gregorian, Sarah Brightman) within the last weeks. thank you all for great tracks and inspiration...

Gregorian DVD Release

Saturday, 10 02 2007

new dvd release of the great live performance of the masters of chants at austrian castle kreuzenstein 23.03. with edel records

Nevio Passaro Top 10!

Monday, 22 01 2007

congratulations to nemo studio, frank peterson and nevio for the great official MC top 10 single chart entry of amore per sempre.

Welcome in our family - Carl becomes a Cowboy!

Tuesday, 09 01 2007

new truck stop album recording was assisted by carl at vox studio. all the best to volker and his team for the forthcoming release.

Upload and Download Link

Monday, 01 01 2007

since 2007 there is now the possibility to download / upload files at www.wunderkind-entertainment.com/olprod

Happy New Year

Friday, 29 12 2006

we wish all artists and friends a happy new year. peace on earth!

Gregorian goes christmas

Thursday, 16 11 2006

check out tourdates and news for upcoming gregorian christmas tour and new album release 16.11.06

new functions in Wunderkind webspace

Saturday, 11 11 2006

thx to BenBa new functions in progress. check it out if you like...

Bernhard Hirtreiter - new cd out now!!!

Friday, 10 11 2006

wunderkind was very busy working on this great cd - it is worth a listen...
in store 10.11.06

new gregorian live dvd

Monday, 28 08 2006

new gregorian live dvd in progress. should be available in spring 2007. hopefully for the first time ever in the usa as well.

Legendarios Do Brasil - champions music!

Saturday, 10 06 2006

6 former worldcup champions present their new CD with brazilian all time favourites featuring jairzinho


the wunderkind studio in hamburg, germany was build in 2005 within the topfloor of a 1866 build house within the center of hamburg. the studio can be reached by deutsche bahn ice trains and hvv through hamburg altona main station which is a 2 minutes footwalk away. the autobahn 7 othmarschen is about 4 minutes away and the hamburg airport can be reached within 15 minutes by car. the studio is located inside hamburg-ottensen which is directly at the river elbe and has many restaurants, cafes, pubs and shopping facilities to offer. the studio is also very near the worldfamous hamburg reeperbahn.

the studio has daylight windows and a little recording booth for singing or recording speakers optimised for commercial recordings. It can hold a complete drumset also. There is a little kitchen, toilet and a control room with entertainment corner (playstation, nintendo, dvd, etc)

because of the very economic setup of equipment there is a  great workflow and creative atmosphere within the 34 m2 of the control room. cutting movies with final cut pro and the latest computers and more than 3 TB of storage is also possible if you get tired of music...

please request studio time and prices if you are interested...


Alannah Myles


Like Flames



Autumn Leaves



Jeunesse Doree

Erkan Aki


True Love




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Grammophone Classics




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Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Linz ( Promotional Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Linz ( Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Graz ( Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Aalen ( Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Chemnitz ( Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Dresden ( Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Augsburg ( Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Bonn ( Show )
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Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Berlin ( Show )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Magdeburg ( Show Matinee )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Magdeburg ( Show )
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Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Kiel ( Show )
Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - New York ( The Concert Hall )
Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - West Palm Beach, Florida ( Kravitz Center )
Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - Denver, Colorado ( Paramount Theatre )
Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - Los Angeles, California ( Wilshire Theatre )
TV Shows - ZDF Fernsehauftritt ( Weihnachtszauber )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Bielefeld ( Altstädter Nicolaikirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Hamburg ( Kulturkirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Rostock ( Nicolaikirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Schwerin ( Schelfkirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Magdeburg ( Johanneskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Leipzig ( Peterskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Berlin ( Passionskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Dresden ( Annenkirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Chemnitz ( Markuskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Erfurt ( Thomaskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Würzburg ( St.Johanneskirche )
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Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - München ( St.Matthäuskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Bochum ( Christuskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Köln ( Trinitatiskirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Wiesbaden ( Ringkirche )
Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Bonn ( Kreuzkirche )
Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - Gesamte Tour wurde verschoben auf Frühjahr 2008 ( Complete tour is postponed to spring 2008 )
Album Release Tour 2008 - Gregorian Summer 2010 Tour extended to Russia ( various Arenas and Theatres in Russia )

Jennifer Paige

Jou Jou



Kim Gloss


Lexington Bridge - LXB


Lova Greene


Full of Life

Marco da Silva


La Bamba

Mr. Pi Don


Rio Jazz

Oliver Pocher





Yasmin K.



Datum Name
05.10.2010 Symphony - Japan, Macau, South Korea ( various Arena - check Homepage or News Section )
01.10.2010 Album Release Tour 2008 - Gregorian Summer 2010 Tour extended to Russia ( various Arenas and Theatres in Russia )
01.03.2010 Comeback-Tour 2008 - NEW Album "Nah bei Dir" Germany Tour in March 2010 ( various Arenas and Theatres - check Homepage, Artist and News Section )
01.10.2009 Symphony - 02-OCT-2009 — Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — Festival Internacional Chihuahua On-sale / Fecha de venta / Data do início das vendas: 16-AUG-2009 www.alltickets.com.mx Tel: 01 800 999 29 80 05-OCT-2009 — Mexico City, Mexico — Auditorio Nacional On
24.02.2009 Symphony - Tokio, Japan and following Asia concerts in China Malaysia Indonesia ( Budokan Arena Tokyo )
19.12.2008 Symphony - Washington, DC, USA ( Verizon Center )
18.12.2008 Symphony - Atlanta, GA, USA ( Gwinnet Center )
16.12.2008 Symphony - Tampa, FL, USA ( St Pete Times Forum )
15.12.2008 Symphony - Sunrise, FL, USA ( BankAtlantic Center )
14.12.2008 Symphony - Orlando, FL, USA ( UCF Convention Center )
12.11.2008 Symphony - Dallas, TX, USA ( American Airlines Center )
09.11.2008 Symphony - Mexico City, Mexico ( Palacio de los Deportes )
08.11.2008 Symphony - Mexico City, Mexico ( Palacio de los Deportes )
06.11.2008 Symphony - Guadalajara, Mexico ( VDF )
04.11.2008 Symphony - Monterray, Mexico ( Arena Monterray )
30.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - München
28.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Dresden
26.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Trier
25.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Freiburg
24.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Stuttgart
22.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Saarbrücken
20.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Baden Baden
19.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Düsseldorf
18.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Frankfurt Main
16.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Erfurt
15.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Zwickau
13.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Oberhausen
12.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Köln
11.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Bielefeld
09.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Magdeburg
08.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Bremen
06.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Rostock
05.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Hannover
04.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Kiel
03.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Neubrandenburg
01.04.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Cottbus
31.03.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Berlin
29.03.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Hamburg ( CCH 1 )
27.03.2008 Comeback-Tour 2008 - Leipzig
20.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Bonn ( Kreuzkirche )
19.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Wiesbaden ( Ringkirche )
18.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Köln ( Trinitatiskirche )
17.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Bochum ( Christuskirche )
14.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - München ( St.Matthäuskirche )
13.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Ludwigsburg ( Friedenskirche )
12.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Würzburg ( St.Johanneskirche )
11.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Erfurt ( Thomaskirche )
10.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Chemnitz ( Markuskirche )
09.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Dresden ( Annenkirche )
08.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Berlin ( Passionskirche )
07.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Leipzig ( Peterskirche )
06.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Magdeburg ( Johanneskirche )
05.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Schwerin ( Schelfkirche )
04.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Rostock ( Nicolaikirche )
03.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Hamburg ( Kulturkirche )
02.12.2007 TV Shows - ZDF Fernsehauftritt ( Weihnachtszauber )
02.12.2007 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2007 - Bielefeld ( Altstädter Nicolaikirche )
01.11.2007 Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - Denver, Colorado ( Paramount Theatre )
30.10.2007 Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - Los Angeles, California ( Wilshire Theatre )
27.10.2007 Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - West Palm Beach, Florida ( Kravitz Center )
25.10.2007 Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - New York ( The Concert Hall )
20.10.2007 Gregorian USA Tour 2007 - Gesamte Tour wurde verschoben auf Frühjahr 2008 ( Complete tour is postponed to spring 2008 )
17.01.2007 TV Shows - ORF2 Fernsehauftritt ( Starnacht in Montafon )
22.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Kiel ( Show )
21.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Rostock ( Show )
21.12.2006 TV Shows - ZDF Fernsehauftritt ( Carmen Nebel Show )
20.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Hamburg ( Show )
19.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Magdeburg ( Show Matinee )
19.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Magdeburg ( Show )
19.12.2006 TV Shows - ZDF Talkshow ( Johannes B. Kerner )
18.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Berlin ( Show )
17.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Bielefeld ( Show )
16.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Bonn ( Show )
15.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Augsburg ( Show )
14.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Dresden ( Show )
13.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Chemnitz ( Show )
12.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Aalen ( Show )
10.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Graz ( Show )
09.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Linz ( Show )
07.12.2006 Gregorian Christmas Tour 2006 - Linz ( Promotional Show )
20.11.2006 TV Shows - ZDF Fernsehauftritt ( Volle Kanne )
19.11.2006 TV Shows - ZDF Fernsehauftritt ( Melodien für Millionen )
11.11.2006 TV Shows - ZDF Fernsehauftritt ( Carmen Nebel Show )
20.09.2006 TV Shows - ARD Fernsehauftritt ( Musikantendampfer )



wunderkind-entertainment offers strong partnerships to manage full-service supervision of
commercial music, tv films and movie soundtracks exclusive with mokoh-music.

we create music concepts, sounddesign or advice rights management and
publishing issues with our partner BMG Rights Management.

we compose individually designed music for special needs or help
with artist & repertoire knowledge for all purposes.

we are able to manage a direct worldwide link between the commercial- and the musicbusiness with the label MOKOH Music
to create synergie and truly amazing cooperations.

see this link to view our teams latest productions and music directly on our mokoh-music website! we are looking forward to meet you there!

references of wunderkind productions:

deutsche shell ag tv/viral
veltins v+ biermix viral
danone actimel tv**
goodyear* tv
ferrero giotto tv**
monster** radio
mcdonald's sternemenue tv/funk**
pushkin white planet vodka tv
birkel** tv
iglo Schlemmerfilet** tv
bauer, der grosse* tv
start (das jugendmagazin vom stern) tv
f¸rstenberg brauerei "Qowatz" biermix*** viral
TUIfly corporate song**
berliner morgenpost* radio
LBS** tv
Fanta Mango** radio
Ikea** radio
Takko** radio
Mercedes Benz** radio
Puma WM Corporate Song

St.Pauli Buccaneers Stadiontrailer Saison 2010/2011
Hamburg Freezers Stadionthema Saison 2009/2010 Opener***
Hertha BSC Aufstiegshymne 2011

nonstop comedy (ndr)
kim und julia (kurzfilm-kino) regie: samira radzi
jenoptik ag (startup)
cybio ag (startup)
bohemia hotel documentary****
van der valk hotels****

in cooperation with
*mokoh music
**studio funk berlin

if you like more information feel free to use the contact link at the right top end